In creating a facility that is strategically important for Russian industry, we pay special attention to protecting the environment. Environmental protection and safety at the mining and metallurgical complex will meet the highest standards. We have knowingly chosen to take on higher project costs to produce manganese metal based on the newest technology without causing harm to the environment.

Enrichment of ore at the deposit site will implement a flexible technology that allows for processing different types of ore, using the same equipment to maximize production. The finished concentrates will be transported to the plant in Khakassia on specially equipped trucks that completely prevent the load from the spreading into the surrounding environment.

The plant will utilize a contained, recycled water circuit that will allow avoiding any liquid effluent. All atmosphere emissions, from all shops and industrial units up through air ventilation, will pass through a purification and decontamination system. This process fully meets the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation.

The measures that we take to guarantee environmental protection are not limited to just ensuring safety: we also strive to conserve resources. With this in mind, all the plant’s buildings will be positioned as close to each other as possible, and the site will be equipped with drainage pools for collecting precipitation. Using this water in the technological process allows for minimizing water consumption from public sources.