Import substitution


In early 2015, Vladimir Putin stated that it is necessary to move away from critical dependence on foreign technologies and production. Import substitution is one of the priorities in the state policy of the Russian Federation: reducing the share of imports not only provides economic independence, but also creates the conditions for sustainable economic development and social stability.

Currently, Russian steelmakers are forced to buy the manganese metal necessary for steel production abroad. This important branch of domestic industry is 100% dependent on imports.

In March 2015, the government of the Russian Federation approved the “Action Plan For Import Substitution in Ferrous Metallurgy Sector of the Russian Federation”. Manganese metal is mentioned as one of the key products. Its production in the Republic of Khakassia is included in the “Development Strategy for ferrous metallurgy in Russia for 2014-2020 with an outlook to 2030”, approved by Ministry of industry and Trade.