Manganese products are necessary in the production of steels and alloys. Russian steelmakers are forced to buy it abroad, although Russia has one of the richest deposits of manganese ores.

The mission of CJSC “CHEK-SU.VK is to reliably and efficiently provide Russian steel manufacturers with high-class alloying elements. To do this, we are startingthe development of Usinsk manganese ore deposit, the largest in Russia, and the construction of a plant for the production of manganese metal. This mining-metallurgical complex will provide Russian metallurgists with domestic manganese, and will also help with the further development of Siberia by creating infrastructure and employment, will increase federal, regional and local budgets.

The company CJSC “CHEK-SU.VK” plans to promote the sustainable development of Russia’s metallurgical sector and become the leader on the Russian manganese products market, maintaining strict quality standards for production and environmental safety.