Viktor Khrolenko
General Director of CJSC "CHEK-SU.VK"

Moscow Border Management College, 1971 Higher Border Military-Political School, 1972–1974

Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University, 1979–1981

Belka International, Founder, Director, 1985–2000
Organization of the joint project of the magazines "Ogonek" (USSR) and Life (USA), 1988
Organization of the first teleconference between the Soviet Union and the United States, the 1980s.
Belka Trading, founder, Director, 1991
JSC "Kuzbassrazrezugol" Chairman of the Board of Directors, 2000–2002
CHEK-SU, founder, General Director, Board Member, 2002 – present

George Ramzaitsev
Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC “CHEK-SU.VK”

Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Diploma in “Economics of Foreign Trade”,

Soyuznefteksport, 1976–1989
Belgian oil company Urals, Managing Director, 1990–2003
Belgian oil company Nafta (B) NV, Managing Director, 1998–2006
Urals Energy PLC, member of the Board of Directors, 2001–2005
CHEK-SU, founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, 2002–present


Alexander Litvinenko
Deputy General Director for Mining and Geology of CJSC "CHEK-SU.VK"

Moscow S. Ordzhonikizde Geological Prospecting University, 1967–1972

Kazskaya prospecting party of Shalymskaya Expedition of "Zapsibgeologiya", geologist, senior geologist, 1972–1980
Ministry of Geology of the RSFSR, chief geologist of the Geological Department of ferrous metals and non-metallic raw materials for metallurgy, 1980–1988
State Geological Enterprise "Tsentrgeologiya", Chief Geologist, Deputy General Director, 1988–2004
CHEK-SU, Deputy General Director for Mining and Geological part, 2004–present

Since 1984, the expert of the State Commission on Mineral Reserves of Russia on deposits of ferrous metals; award winner of the Geological commercial bank of Russian in 1993 for the discovery and evaluation of major phosphate-bearing provinces in western Russia; Honored Geologist of Russia

Alexander Beltsevich
Director of Design and Construction of the Usinsk Processing Facilities of CJSC “CHEK-SU.VK”

Sverdlovsk Mining Institute (Ural Mining University)

Anzob Production Facility, chief engineer of the mine, 1981–1989
Tajik gold mining, chief engineer of the mine, 1989–1991
Uzbekzoloto, head of the mine, 1991–1999
JSC “REP Berezovskoe”, Director, 2006–2008
CHEK-SU, Director of the design and construction of Usinskiy Processing Facilities, 2008–present


Dmitri Ramzaitsev
Finance Director of CJSC "CHEK-SU.VK"

Oxford University, 2005–2009
Said Business School, University of Oxford (UK), 2009­–2010

Citigroup, 2007
Morgan Stanley, 2010–2011
CHEK-SU, Head of Treasury Department, 2011 – 2013; Finance Director, 2014–present