Issues of the Usinsk deposit development and the construction of a Plant in Khakassia will be discussed on the online discussion platform

In December this year the Association of manganese producers will launch the internet platform for public hearings of the Project of the Usinsk deposit (Kemerovo region) development and the construction of a plant for the production of metal manganese in Khakassia, by CHEK-SU. The organizers are planning to launch the platform on the 4th of December. The launch and the following operation of the Platform will be supported by the government of Kemerovo region and the Republic of Khakassia, and also with a full assistance of CHEK-SU, which is giving all the necessary information regarding the Project to the Platform organizers.

“The detailed description of the Project and the documents on it and the news will be available on the online platform – says the president of the Association of manganese producers Anatoly Kozlov And, most importantly, any user, once registered, will be able to ask questions to the experts on the ecology , medicine, economics and engineering, to discuss the Project and even recommend their own solution to improve the efficiency of the Project. 10 offers of the users with the highest number of votes of other users will be taken into consideration by the expert commission and, if approved, implemented in the Project. The website can also support or challenge the proposals of other participants as well as to discuss details of the Project with the other members of the platform: users, experts, representatives of executive authorities of both regions and speakers of CHEK-SU “.

“Cooperation with the Platform will enable us to direct dialogue with the people in the regions where our Project is planned to be implemented – said the chairman of the Board of Directors of CHEK-SU Georgy Ramzaitsev. – Now when the unscrupulous media and pseudo-environmentalists, are not taking into account professional ethics, creating a provocative false rumors about the Project, an open dialogue with the public is particularly important. We hope that the platform will replace these myths developed around the production of manganese with certainties. “