CHEK-SU will supply water to Tuim habitants

Starting from 27 November this year, the company CHEK-SU, the initiator of the project of the development and construction of the Usinsk deposit of manganese and the Plant near the village Tuim will regularly supply the villagers with drinking water.

At the moment the houses in the old part of Tuim not only unconnected to the water supply, but they are also lacking even the outdoor water wells. According to local residents, there is no place near you house to get the water – you have to take it in a small river (Tuimka) flowing through the village.

CHEK-SU has its own water carrier with a capacity of 8000 liters. The company decided to use it for the benefit of Tuim residents. Last Friday the water carrier drove to every house and supplied people with water. In fact, to ensure that all residents receive water of necessary quality it took nearly seven hours. It is worth noting that the water released without limitation and Tuim residents themselves indicate how many liters they need.

“We are pleased that we are able to help in such a situation, it is not the first nor the last program of CHEK-SU, aimed at improving the living conditions of Tuim residents – says the chairman of the Board of Directors of CHEK-SU Georgy Ramzaitsev. – While the water carrier will go around the streets once a week, if necessary, we will launch the second carrier. “
“More than half the residents Tuim – pensioners, and carrying water for them is very compliceted – said the head of the village council, Vladimir Seljutin.- You can imagine how much easier their lives will be if the water is delivered to their house on a regular basis.’’
It is not the first time of CHEK-SU helping to improve the village Previously, the company has provided Tuim kindergarten with necessary appliances and financed laying of a new floor in the music school.