One of the key participants of CHEK-SU project has been chosen

Vnesheconombank agreed on a draft technical auditor of the CHEK-SU manganese plant project in Khakassia. It will be”Irgiredmet” (Irkutsk). This company will be entrusted with providing a full range of engineering services in the construction of the Usinsk Mining plant in Khakassia – from design to commissioning.

A key role in the management of the construction of the Usinsk Mining plant which is given to “Irgiredmet” is not accidental. The history of the company has always been closely linked to the creation and the development of gold, diamonds, rare metals and other sectors of the Russian mining industry. The Company has research, engineering design, engineering and commercial division, which allows it not only to successfully navigate in all directions in terms of creation of mining and processing enterprises, but also to provide their expertise. “Irgiredmet” is a leading firm in its field of independent scientific design and engineering, certified to ISO 9001: 2008. Especially important is the experience of “Irgiredmet” in relation to environmental impact assessments, because environmental issues are a priority for CHEK-SU, and in connection with the construction of the Usinsk Mining Plant in Khakassia, these issues were raised repeatedly and seriously concerned local population.

General contract for the project between companies CHEK-SU and Sinosteel was signed during the official visit of the leader Xi Jinping to Moscow. It is an important strategic move for the economy of both countries. The subcontractor of the project will be the Chinese company (Sinosteel), the control of the operations of the subcontractor and the coordination of the project will be performed by “Irgiridmet” and the electrolytic metal manganese plant will be owned by the Russian company – CHEK- SU. The republican budget of Khakasiya will benefit of almost 1 bln rubles of additional tax income per annum. The start of the plant create around 1 600 jobs in Tuim village.

“Despite the global economic crisis, electrolytic manganese will have a steady market, as an important agent in the process of steelmaking, – says Chairman of the Board of Directors of CHEK-SU Georgy Ramzaitsev. – The new complex is able to cover the needs of Russia’s electrolytic manganese and fully ensure import substitution: Russia consumes up to 60 000 tonnes per year and the plant in Tuim is designed to produce 80,000 a year” .

Funding for this large-scale project will be carried out by Vnesheconombank together with the Export-Import Bank of China . “Becoming technical auditor is such construction is an extremely important task, because it requires not only a thorough knowledge in its specificity, but also effective interactions with the foreign contractor – emphasizes George Ramzaitsev. – ‘ Ingiredmet experts “have been working with Chinese companies, have participated in negotiations with the company Sinosteel in Khakassia, and with they visited the site of the future project. Thorough understanding and solid reputation in the Russian market have allowed “Ingiredmet” take its place in the CHEK-SU project on one of the key positions. “