CHEK-SU helps child care centers in Tuim

In August, CHEK-SU will provide financial assistance to child care centers in the village of Tuim, Shirinsky region of Khakassia. The company will finance the purchase of new equipment for the dining room and will also finance a new front door and help with the repair of the music school.

Like many socially important objects Tuim child care center and school are going through hard times. The village fell into the recession after the closure of a plant for the processing of non-ferrous metals, when most of the residents lost their jobs. When a company CHEK-SU launched a project to build a manganese plant two kilometers away from Tuim, local residents reacted to the idea with enthusiasm, a large enterprise will allow Tuim to be reborn. Tuim habitants, including many steelmakers, will be spared from having to go to work to other cities, and the local budget will receive significant contributions. In addition, the project involves significant financial investments in the infrastructure of the village.

It is estimated that to repair the flooring in Tuim music schools it is necessary to buy building materials on a total of 19 000 rubles, to be paid from the funds of CHEK-SU. For the needs of child care center №4 «Birch” in Tuim company donated 30,000 rubles to buy new equipment for the dining room, which greatly simplify the lives of local habitants. The new door will be made by the local worker from Shirinsky area: CHEK-SU tries at every opportunity to support small business in the region.

“CHEK-SU will continue to support the population of Tuim – said Chairman of the Board of Directors George Ramzaitsev. – We are working with the public and we will learn the most pressing needs and try to help where it is particularly in demand. We take social responsibility very seriously . Maybe for someone these amounts do not seem to be very important, but we should not forget that the company had not yet received a loan for the project and continues to bear the greater financial burden. “

CHEK-SU has initiated a unique project to build a factory in Russia, which will provide Russian metallurgists with the necessary raw materials, which is not produced in the country now – electrolytic manganese metal. It is used to produce high-quality fine-grained steels and special alloys. This ambitious project will create more than a thousand jobs and will bring to the budget hundreds of millions of rubles annually through tax contributions.