CHECK-SU, the company which is developing the Usinsk manganese ore deposit for the Russian ferrous metallurgy, has launched a new informational website.

The update has not only changed the design and a structure of the website, but it has also changed the informational part – the management of CHECK-SU tried to deliver the full information about the project, the technological, economical and ecological aspects. Besides, every user now can ask a question about the project by simply filling out an electronic form. The best experts will answer it within three days.

“ Recently there have been many unreliable rumors about our project and this forms unjustified attitude towards our company among Siberian habitants, – says the chairman of the Board of Directors of CHECK-SU George Ramzaitsev. – That is why we have dedicated one of the sections of the website solely to describe our extraction and production technology in order to stop the speculations. Besides, a separate section of the website is dedicated to the social and economical benefits, which will be brought to the region and the country by our project. And from the presentation, which will soon be available for download, it becomes clear that the project of developing the Usinsk manganese deposits is of a strategic importance for our country. “
The new website of CHECK-SU.VK is available here