Experts of Sinosteel company completed another event in the Republic of Khakassia Shira district. Experts from China arrived in the region in mid-June in order to more accurately determine the location of the construction plant for the production of manganese metal by “CHECK-SU.VK.”
To conduct this study, the company Sinosteel further attracted experts from leading Chinese institutions of Guangxi and Hunan provinces – regions that are major producers of manganese metal in the world. In addition, the discussion was attended by Russian engineers design institutes from Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk.

Under the managemement of Director of the Department for the processing of raw materials and metallurgy Han Jixiang experts thoroughly examined the general plan of construction. The plant will be located at a distance of more than two kilometers to the north-west of the border village Tuim, at a safe distance from residential areas. During construction, the villagers were left without jobs after the closure of the old plant processing non-ferrous metals and they can be trained, and get a spesialised job at the new enterprise.
“For the people, the Government of Khakassia and for me personally, as the leader of the republic, the principal issue is the environmental safety,” – said earlier the head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin.
The company Sinosteel – the general contractor for the construction of a manganese plant – will develop the project, which provides maximum protection of the environment. The metal manganese will be based on the most advanced technologies. The raw materials for the plant will not be the ore but the manganese concentrate, which will make the company environmentally friendly. “This is simply a chemical process that will not break our nature,” – said the deputy head of the district, Vladimir Isaev, an experienced metallurgist and the former CEO of the old plant.
Raw materials from Usinsk deposit will be pre-enrichmed on the spot, in the mining and manufacturing plant in the Kemerovo region. This area is not a specially protected, there are no objects of historical and cultural significance. There are no any settlements. Until recently there was not even a road to the mine: the company “CHEK-SU” has the license for the deposit, and it had to start with the construction of the highway. The ore will be mined for decades in an open manner and held enrichment by crushing, washing and separation. There will be no reagents applied in the field, the method of enrichment – mechanical. And in the whole process water will pass through the most advanced water purification system, and thus there will be no harm caused to Usa river.
Manganese concentrate from the field to the factory will be carried by a special four-axle dump trucks with a body that provides complete isolation of the load from the environment. Concentrate on the plant will be grinded at the mill, and then the pure metal with a manganese content of 99.8% will be extracted.
The plant itself will work on water recycling scheme, which will dispense any liquid effluent. “The work of the plant does not negatively affect the ecology of Shirinsky area, but most importantly, it’s all to be confirmed by examination at the highest state level” – stressed developers.
All air emissions up to the ventilation air from all the shops and industrial units will pass through a complex purification system. The creators of the project are not limited to ensuring environmental security is provided but they also try to save space and resources. So, all the buildings of the plant will be located in the most compact way and at the industrial site will be equipped with the rain ponds. Using them in the process will help to minimize the consumption of tap water.
The company “CHEK-SU” also seeks to ensure maximum transparency in all matters relating to the project. The program includes not only close cooperation with the media, but also open meetings with residents, public organizations, with the participation of representatives of the Government and the Supreme Council of the Republic to discuss the technical aspects of the project. Earlier, public hearings were held, which resulted in the receiving of unanimous vote for the construction of the plant.
In addition, residents will be able to choose Tuim representatives, the most trusted in the village, so that they personally make sure: the production of manganese with this technology is environmentally safe. According to General Director of “CHEK-SU” Victor Khrolenko, the company is ready to organize and to fully pay them a trip to China. After visiting the plant, which uses the same technology, they are able to ensure that this technology does not threaten the environment.