CJSC “CHEK-SU.VK” is launching the project “Production of Electrolytic Manganese Metal for Special Steels Based on the Usinsk Deposit”. We are creating a mining and metallurgical complex for extracting and processing manganese ores and plan to produce up to 80,000 tons of electrolytic manganese metals per year. This will fully cover Russia’s demand for manganese metal, which is an essential component in the smelting process for high quality steels.

Within the framework of the project, we are:

  • Developing the Usinsk manganese ore deposit in Kemerovo Oblast,
  • Building a mining and beneficiation complex at the deposit site,
  • Laying down roughly 90 km of a roadway (already 85% complete) from the Usinsk deposit to the existing road in the Republic of Khakassia,
  • Building a plant for producing electrolytic manganese metal in the town of Tuim, Shirinsky disctrict, Republic of Khakassia,
  • Creating more than 1,600 new jobs for the residents of Siberia

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